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Watch yourself when it comes to any pay-per-click program | Forum

OW-Ghost Aug 23 '19
Dave i talk about run a "dating site"...you need bee very rich to do that i can 100% say that because my 5 years experience in this branch...

when it comes to other social sites maybe you correct but when it comes to dating branch i know now you need bee someone with big cache and you not need hire a consultant or marketer for get that simple answer

they can hire me i have experience in this dirty dating branch and work hard in 5 years to climb on top and skadate knows i hard worker and not give up and creative ...but it not helps when there is people sit with 1000000000 usd in they hands and do everything they can for stop smaller dating sites to success....they main focus is to prevent smaller dating sites climb on top and they have big tools like facebook and adwords to stop smaller sites to success.....

when i started i did have maybe 15 competioners now i have 30 competioners and it is growing and growing....and sadly everyone think they can bee on top just because they did buy some fancy plugins or software but that will not help them anything...only money helps in dating branch and we talk big money

for example they can bring in maybe 1000-5000 new members everyday just with ads and try to follow that with small money in you pocket is impossible....and the traffic they bring with ads is make they SEO in top because SEO check how much traffic you site have....google analytics check every single event and log everything on you website everyday....and if remove google analytic i think is a bad idea to try stop google get insights

one more dirty thing about dating branch and they with the big money in this industry. you want to knwo that they do.

they BID on my brand keyword...so if you search my brand on google you will see other much bigger dating sites advertising in my brand name. and i was try bid on my own brand name in adwords and that would cost me alot of money because already other bid on my brand name??? this is very bad and i see many with big cache in dating industry doing like this. they use other smaller dating sites name as keyword and put they own site on top if someone search for this smaller dating sites.

again this branch is in a BIG war who will bee on top on google and who can spend most money in adwords campaigns and facebook campaigns...and we samller dating site are the lossers because we need jump in with the BIG cache suddenly for bring them down. 

I will now try with other tricks to get more traffic and members but it is very hard and i not give up yet but soon i think i need give up.

Something that is my advantage is that i run mobile apps Android and IOS that are easy more climb on top then a desktop site on google search is

thats why i have been active for create more mobile apps at oxwall because there you have a small chance you will success in dating industry but just a small one....


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Coune Nov 7 '21
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Dan Apr 17
meeloun Oct 3

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