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admin+check_license_invalid_params_err_msg on many plugins | Forum

dudi Jul 30 '16
i have this message

admin+check_license_invalid_params_err_msg many plugins (i have the smilys today buy)

Aliya Team
Aliya Aug 1 '16
@dudi , apart from the problem that text key is missing human readable text value, error is telling that license for certain plugin is not valid.

If you are using SkaDate software, please contact their support.
If you are using a paid third party plugin from Oxwall Store, you will need to reset your license within your Oxwall Store Account. You can also contact plugin developers directly.

Note: this should not happen for free Oxwall plugins. So if you are getting this for our plugins, let us know.

As for missing text key value, usually this happens after updates. Did you perform an update recently?
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dudi Aug 1 '16
yes i have a update from 1.8.0 to 1.8.4
dudi Aug 1 '16
this is the the link from Emojis and Smileys

dave Leader
dave Aug 1 '16
I will let SD know about this, he is a good dev and he may not know about this.  
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Aug 1 '16
Hi, the problem is not the plugin, the problem is in oxwall core bad update.

How many plugins do you have with the same problem?

What have you already done? 

Did you managed to fix anything yet?

Which php version do you have?

Do you ever have modified the oxwall core? if so, what have you modified?

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dudi Aug 1 '16
I have php 5.5 the core has not been changed . it is now the only plugin I have 30 paid plugins
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Aug 1 '16
Please try this:

Reset the key ip for this plugin in you oxwall.com account.

Uninstall and delete the plugin from you oxwall website, upload it again and try to install it with the key.

If you see any problem on the installation please attach a screenshot.

Aliya Team
Aliya Aug 2 '16
let us know about results @dudi
dudi Aug 2 '16
I have delete the plugin. I have the message still . dave says there are some errors happened on my side ...
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Aug 2 '16
Everytime that you see a problem like this "ADMIN+CHECK_LICENSE_INVALID_PARAMS_ERR_MSG"

is because you have a missing language value, that message is not an error per se, is just a label that should be showing a text like "Please check your license key" or something like that.

So in order to "fix" that you need to go to your control panel and edit the missing language values.

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dudi Aug 2 '16
 language values is not the problem. 
My system not install the sql file from the plugin.
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Aug 2 '16
It's hard to understand what is the error if you do not share a screenshot.

This plugin doesn't have a sql file.
If you want me to look at the problem directly I can try to solve the Smileys and Emojis plugin problem for you. Can you PM me your website admin user/pass?

Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Aug 2 '16

I thought this was only Emojis and Smileys plugin issue.

Some others of the plugins that you have uninstalled show the same problem when i try to install them: 


I found a topic where some other people had the same issue and they solved

Please take a look at here: https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/9118

Try to fix it the way they say and write a post in that topic so oxwall team can help you with this, I would like that I can do more for you but I'm not an oxwall team member.

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Aug 2 '16
One thing I see from the screenshots is that there is a problem with the language keys. It shouldn't say "admin+check..."
I've seen Ross advise some with this issue to go to the languages page, and click save at the bottom of the page to re-compile the language keys to see if it corrects that issue. I think it was something that went wrong with the install not completing.
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