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OW-Ghost Feb 21 '17
Hi Daniel,can you add fingerprint to your v-admin plugin it have already user agent views for apps and desktop :) actually now there is no good way stop users come back in you v-admin plugin so it sould bee nice and that the plugin already scans user agents, let me know if you can implent it or if you create a seperate plugin i just need something that stop this people that create many profiles and spam people
The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Feb 21 '17
Daniel Feb 21 '17
Hi Macus, for skadate app, only one way stop uses to create new profile is that completely block the ip address. now the vadmin do not completely block the ip address, if the ip address is blocked, they still can register, but can not login, once the register is complete, they will be kicked out. 

I can change to work like this way: the ip address is block it, if the user use this ip, i can show the use a loading screen forever, they can not do anything. but just "keep loading" or a blank screen.

Bernd Feb 22 '17
from now on buy plugin when it may test!
OW-Ghost Feb 22 '17
Hi Daniel, ip adress and email adress and phone numbers is old style bloking that is not working 2017. as you know the bigger dating sites have much better blocking system then this and i want the same for oxwall people that use oxwall software and skadate software we are using blocking methods that people used in 1990 oxwall must step one stepn in the future here and bring better protection for spammers and they who create fake profiles . my competioners could easy hire someone right now that spam my site with fake profiles and that hurt my business. fake profiles is dead profiles and if you have many dead profiles you business is dead to and my competioners know this. i have one guy  that manualy now create fake profiles on my site 20 or 30 everyday and it is frustrating i can not block him and he mailnly use my apps for this beceause my apps do this. i see with you v-admin how it reads the user agent from mobile apps and maybe yourv-admin could read user agent and hardware for that mobile that create fake profiles a unique hardware fingerprints and apps installed and browser finger print im not expert on this but i know big sites have solved this and how much better protection for people that crrate NEW ip adress all the time and you know it to because you told me OK cupid use it and i told you Cupid Media use it and probably more bigger dating sites use it because they see it works very good. 
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