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CHANGELOG Current Version 6 - Anti Spam, Anti Bots Killer | Forum

Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Apr 29 '18

Version 5

August 28, 2019

 - Feature added: Now you can whitelist IP Range

        -You can add a range such as

 - Feature added Now you can whitelist Hosts.

      If you go to KilledLogs and see that some crawler or spider was blocked, take the hostname of that row and add it to the whitelisted hosts field.

 - Feature added: Profile questions are now protected from bad words, if user adds a bad word in their profile question, it will be auto flagged and will appear in the moderation tool.

 - Feature added: Profile questions are protected from adding spam links. If a spam link is added on user register or profile edit, they will be redirected to the block page, no spammers allowed in profile registration now.

Version 4

April 21 2019

 - Support added for "About me" widget. (Text box widget below photo picture)

 - Added Button* for Clean Spamlogs

 - Added Button* for Clean Killed Logs.

* This 2 buttons delete database logs and file logs generated by this plugin. When your website gets lots of bots trying to enter your website, those tables and files increase it's size that need to be cleaned. If you press this button those files will be deleted and auto generated instantly. The Spamlogs and Killedlogs pages will display blank tables.

Version 3

May 8, 2018

Bugfixes for chat, newsfeed, unescaped strings (Smileys). 

Some italian ISP are now not auto blocked, it was giving many false positives.

Bugfix: Parse error/ undefined was being displayed in some cases, it is now fixed.

Apr 29, 2018

Bugfix: Some users messages and posts were locked if you had the old smileys plugin. (If you had this plugin, please update and clean the IP's blacklist to make sure no real users are blocked)

Users coming from outdated web browsers are now able to enter your website, to make sure this is working, please make sure this file doesn't longer exists: 


Feature added: Automoderate. Admin adds a wordlist or phrases list, when the user post a text containing one or more from this list, his post(forum, blog, newsfeed, etc) is autoflagged for moderation.

Feature added: When the user post a message in chat or messagebox containing any of the wordlist, his profile is autoflagged for moderation.

Feature added: 

  User Roles. 

     Admin can set for which role applies the rule of locked from sending spam links.

     Admin sets which user's posts are scanned for wordfilter to automoderate (autoflag). Only new ones are scanned.

Apr 3, 2018

First version released.

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