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Anti Spam, Anti Bots Killer | plugin

Anti Spam, Anti Bots Killer

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Last updated Jul 27 '20
Published Apr 3 '18

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Plugin title Anti Spam, Anti Bots Killer
Item published Senior Developer
Category Authentication, Optimization
Price $30
Compatible with 1.8.0, 1.8.1, 1.8.2, 1.8.3, 1.8.4
Demo page oxwall.codemonster.pro
License OSCL
Terms of Use view
2 Plugins in 1.
- Block all bots using the famous ZB Block library.
- Prevent spammy behavior from real users too.

Admin sets minimum of posts with no links required, when the user reach the m...
2 Plugins in 1.
- Block all bots using the famous ZB Block library.
- Prevent spammy behavior from real users too.

Admin sets minimum of posts with no links required, when the user reach the minimum then he can post external links. This prevents spammers from joining and start spamming your website.

It works on Forum, Blog, Newsfeed, Groups, Comments, etc.

New botnets are using smartphones to post spam with new and valid email accounts, this is harder to catch for the old anti spammers. That's why our plugin is better and it blocks all spam before it is posted.

Using the library ZBBlock library we prevent badbots, botbrowsers, eolbrowsers (old outdated), scrappers, badspiders, users coming from TOR. If you don't want to stop spiders or TOR users, you just need to remove 1 file from your server. If you need help let us know.

It includes up to date SPAM IP BLACKLISTS to make it faster. It checks from local database first.

Spammers have 2 parts, the spammer and the backlinks checker, with this plugin you block them all.

To test this plugin go to http://oxwall.codemonster.pro and join with a new account, then try to post a link in photo upload description, you will see a message that prevents you from posting spam.
More Info in the file "HowToTest.txt" inside the plugin.
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You NEED this, if nothing else! NEED!

I'm the one that originally requested this sort of addition to Oxwall because it has been the #1 software thing that saved my server from lagging and crashing on another, non-Oxwall site I have. I sat on the Oxwall store here for days and snagged this about 15 minutes after it was available for purchase. Does that tell you my faith in this helping my site stay afloat? Haha. You NEED this. NEED! Sincerely, this is THE best plugin, and if you don't buy ANYTHING ELSE from the Oxwall store, you NEED to front the money for this one. NEED! In the first 36 hours over 1,000 bots, most scrapers, were receiving 503 errors when trying to access my site! 2,000 were caught in the first 48. GREAT STUFF! I can go down the list and see the ban reasons. Known scraper. Known scraper. Known scraper. Known to be malicious. Scraper. Scraper. Scraper. WOW! Sped my site up INCREDIBLY. No more random lag spikes going on when loading a page. It did not accidentally ban the Google bot! YAY! It has a really nice internal set-up where I can manually black list and white list IPs. I can also check out what IP was blocked, how many times it was warned about going to be blocked, and WHY it was blocked (SO important). It worked for me right away, no problems. I tweaked one setting in the files because I noticed that my mailbox add on ended with a trailing / and was setting off an ajax block. Even with the ajax block turned off, the functionality of this plugin is worth it's weight in gold. It's worth $100 for quick, seamless integration. $30 is a steal of a deal.

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Apr 24 '18