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I have left Oxwall, who wants my plugins ? | Forum

OW-Ghost Aug 23 '18
hmmm....okey...maybe you right....i feel strange that he stop answer people for a very very long time same as many other plugin developers do.....and then suddenly they come back and say sorry i was doing something importen or my mom died or a hurricane did take out the electric...then they active again for some months then suddenly they away again for years....hehe...there is not many developers that stay here for long....i should say a new developer have they best time the first 2 or 3 years then after that everything go totally down stair....and they know we will always forgive them and we always do when they come back....or they pick to run a new developer account and profile....that happens to sometimes....yeah this store is fun ...can talk a lot things about this store....it is better i stop.... we talk about this store so many times...i almost get boring listen to my self repeat same things ....hahaha.....lol
The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Aug 23 '18
dave Aug 23 '18
I get bored listening also :)

I agree with you  

The Forum post is edited by dave Aug 23 '18
dave Aug 23 '18
and speak of the devil  SD just replied..  glad to see he is still alive and kicking :) 

OW-Ghost Aug 24 '18
okey great news :)
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