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Blur Part only of a picture. | Forum

Eva Adrien
Eva Adrien Jun 3 '19
Hello.. I need help. Need someone who can find or develop a plugin for me who consist to blur only some part of the profile picture (avatar) or photos while users upload it on their account. It's for a adult website so users need to have privacy on their pictures without fully blur or password protected the pictures. Thank you.
ArtMedia Jun 14 '19

for now, my plugin have option to blur all avatar


bluring part avatar is more complex case

dave Leader
dave Aug 11 '20

Just create a css element over part of the avatar, that element contains a fuzzy image, then just change it from display none to display block.

So basically it would be a layer over part of the image, you could make it a random part of the image or a static part of the image using data positions.

You get the effect of part of the image being blured but its not really blured its only the blurred image showing over the image.  If that makes sense.

OW-Ghost Aug 14 '20
i think it is better you work with artmedias plugin and try change position on the blurred part with css code using data position

hope that make sense

another options is to hire artmedia for little money and he would help you quickly as he always do when ask him..

Marcus Aug 14 '20
css... would not recommend that as anyone can see it with just a few steps. the solution is to physically alter photo file. 
The Forum post is edited by Marcus Aug 14 '20
dave Leader
dave Aug 14 '20
I believe you may be correct Marcus, but modifying an image like that IMO takes alot of resources to do and unless you can cache the finished images then every time a page loads it would be repeating the resource usage. 
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Aug 14 '20
This is in my plugins list to be made this year, a plugin for blur faces for adding privacy.

Senior Developer.

Marcus Aug 14 '20
how about this... im shooting in the dark here...

if some photo is marked as private then.... get request url if matches that pic replsce with default blur pic... one for all that will show a lock or something. 
davidkane Aug 5
I believe it is preferable that you use the artmedias plugin and experiment with changing the location of the blurred section using css code and data position. slope game
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