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CHANGELOG - UPDATE July 16, 2021 - Adult VIP Blurred Photos | Forum

Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Jul 4 '19

Version 13: July 16, 2021

- Feature added

Photo owners can earn credits every time a photo is unlocked by others

   To use this feature, please update this plugin to latest version, then go to "site.com//admin/plugins/user-credits" and edit the credits price for "Own Adult photo unlocked by others" and set a positive value

Version 12: February 17, 2021

  - Bugfix. Latest version of Skadate APP and PWA was fixed.

Version 11. May 23, 2020

 - Bugfix Skadate APP was not displaying the locked images correctly on domains with It is now fixed.

 - Bugfix Skadate APP was displaying incorrect tag. It now displays the correct image tags.

    Special thanks to OW-Ghost for finding all the bugs in the Skadate APP from the version 10.

Version 10. May 23, 2020

 - Skadate Android and iOS app compatibility added.

 - Skadate's Progressive Web App fully compatible. 

 - Fixed: Admin needed to be VIP to be able to add photos as private/adult, now is not required.

Version 8, October 31, 2019

   - Fixed error 500 displaying to admins on user profile when there was no profile image from user.

version 7, August 08, 2019

- Compatibility added for premoderation plugin

Version 6. August 06,2019

- Minor Bugs fixed.

- Feature added: It now works on APPs, Skadate apps display a blurred photo. For best monetization the recommended way to configure this is: On user roles set that Only VIP members can view blurred photos.

- Compatibility with Progressive Web Apps fully working.

- Feature Added: Avatar Blur. Admin can now set user avatars as Adult, this way you can protect your website and you can keep monetizing with ads.

Version 5.

Features added: Admin can set all photos from certain user role as adult/private

Features added:  Admin can set all photos from certain sex as adult/private


In this version there is a new feature for mark all photos from certain user role as adult/private.

After the update please go to "mywebsite.com/admin/users/roles" and uncheck this new option "Mark all photos from this role as private" from the user's photos who don't want to be marked as adult. If this option is checked, all photos from this role will be marked as adult. By default all roles have this option checked.

If this option is unchecked, individual photos previously marked will still be working for that role.

Senior Developer.

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