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Ipv6 Compatible? - Anti Spam, Anti Bots Killer | Forum

OW-Ghost Sep 1 '19
Hello SD

I was get this in my oxwall error log

[Sun Sep 1 14:08:25 2019] [ow_core_log] [Warning] Message: inet_pton(): Unrecognized address 2003:00d9:5f34:7e00: File: /var/www/html/ow_plugins/botsblocker/classes/libs/zbblock/optional/tpbm_zbblock.inc Line:23

I not sure is because the IP is IPV6 or another reason

OW-Ghost Sep 1 '19
another warning that can not identify the ipv6 adress:

[Sun Sep 1 15:01:18 2019] [ow_core_log] [Warning] Message: inet_pton(): Unrecognized address 2a03:e600:0100:0: File: /var/www/html/ow_plugins/botsblocker/classes/libs/zbblock/optional/tpbm_zbblock.inc Line:23

OW-Ghost Sep 22 '19
Still everyday have many "warnings" messages like this?

Will there bee a fix for this?



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