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dave Team
dave Jun 10

I guess until i find out if that is him or not you can test the changes, then send them to me and i can post them in a master manually. 

I will send a message to find out.

Can someone please post a link to the one gitHub version that we think should be oxwalls... thanks

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Bob Bob
Bob Bob Jun 10

Do you mean the official oxwall github repo?

dave Team
dave Jun 11
Thanks Bob Bob... yes
dave Team
dave Jun 12

No there is no preference for developers, all developers plugins are being looked at which takes time and they too will be suspended if required.

I cannot talk openly about patricias plugins as it is a business matter, you are more than welcome to ask her yourself and she can decide to tell you or not.  I will remind you that she is with the program and 100% committed and positive for the change.

Oxwall Germany Club
Dave +1
dave Team
dave Jun 14
So i am guessing that the items i posted are the only critical items that need fixed since noone has added anything else.
dave Team
dave Jun 19

At the moment i am trying to figure out a regex to handle the conversion of array() to array[] on the global project.

I have already changed via atom the simple array(); to just []; scriptwide

Now the challenge is to change the non empty arrays that have elements in them.

here are two versions with very similar results

this excludes anything starting that has _ before array such as a php funciton is_array for example

DOES NOT WORK RIGHT  if the name is $isarray =  it changes it to $is[] 

[^_]array\(([^()]*)\)    <----------this is out

this excludes anything at all before array, again such as a php funciton is_array for example

[$1]      replace with  this


Seems to have worked i did this last night..

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Senior Developer Leader
Hey Dave, now that you are from Oxwall team, I formally ask you, can we have a PWA skdt forum now?

There is lots of things that need to be fixed/added in the core, I don't remember all of them but right now I recall one of them was bugging me in the past in one of my customer's website: 

-Cron jobs overlapping. When the cron was running in a website with thousands, it takes more than a minute sometimes, the cron was overlapping causing a massive slow down on the full website.

Senior Developer.

dave Team
dave Jun 20


i remember when that issue was brought to light and i agree it needs to be worked on.  One issue is that some admins try to run large sites on shared hosting. They dont have the proper resources to power the requirement.  Also some those shared hosts also dont allow 1 min crons, they only allow 5 min crons as a minimum.  A production Oxwall site should really never be operated using a 5 min cron.

Oxwall is at times too cron heavy and this is something that i have been thinking about for some time now but not sure how to classify it on the list of todo's because there is so much involved with its operation.  The only way to relieve the cron footprint is to create utilities that admins can run on a nightly basis that do specific jobs when the site is not busy, or by streamlining the cron process to do more tasks faster.

I dont know what the answer is on this... But it is something important to look at.

In regards to the PWA/skdt forum.  If you want a Oxwall PWA forum section i can do that i believe, but it has to be kept about Oxwall and the developement of Oxwall PWA..

If that is satisfactory to you, let me know.. :0)


dave Team
dave Jun 20
Should Oxwall implement full use of HTML accesskeys?
dave Team
dave Jun 20


i was able to come up with a regex to find all the img tags with no alt tags. However we cant just add  alt="" globally like that, it dawned on me that each one (and there are 94 i believe) has to be done individually with proper content, static or dynamic.

94 times may not sound like much, but if each one is dynamic then that is going to be a huge undertaking to accomplish.   But i know it has to get done...

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dave Team
dave Jun 21
SD so you do still want a PWA Oxwall section in the forum?
dave Team
dave Jun 22
I have an idea folks,  if each one of us takes two core plugins and adds mobile we can have them all mobile very fast..  If you want i can draw up step by step mobile creation steps so that everyone does the basics the same?   Then i can try to get it submitted to oxwall.
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Dev Forward
Dev Forward Jun 23


In PHP 5.3+ the backslash \ symbol is used in namespaces. It is the start symbol to indicate a namespace and also serves as a separator between sub-namespace names.

See official documentation about namespacing.


Additionally in PHP 7.0+ some functions are replaced with opcodes by OPCache, which makes these specific functions run a lot faster. However this only works when the functions are placed in the root namespace. See this discussion about this topic. So besides namespacing, the \ indirectly also affects code optimisation.

The following native functions benefit from this effect:


































Answer taken from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4790020/what-does-a-backslash-do-in-php-5-3


dave Team
dave Jun 23

Excellent, thanks DF  :0)   I have to admit namespaces is something i dont know much about... never really used them.  From what i remember awhile back trying to gather some imformation on them, they are nice but its also a very strict environment.  Ill have to reread about them... thanks :)

OK that explains why the new code did not remove the error, i did not use the whole guzzle install using namespaces, i just replaced that one part of the code to test...  im surprised i did not get an error for that..

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