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Bug Reports - Profile Cover | Forum

Ian Michael Carson
Ian Michael Carson Mar 15 '13
The plugin works great, but the only issue I am running into is that when I try to pick from an existing image it says it is not found.  But uploading an image works perfectly.

I think it has to do with my site using an amazon S3 for my user file storage.  

Do you know what I can do to fix that?

Thank you


Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Mar 18 '13
Ian Michael Carson,

I've already fixed the issue in my developer build of the plugin. I will release an update with the fix on this week.

Ian Michael Carson
Ian Michael Carson Mar 18 '13
Great Thank you!
Soundchum web solution
Country Flag Extreme not working with profile cover plugin, flags not appear when i install profile plugin
Tiwakar May 29 '13
Error in profile cover after update new version. PFA. Please revert ASAP
  error.png (108.86Kb)
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin May 29 '13
Hello Tiwakar,

It seems to be a translation issue. Could you check the missing keys of your language ( "Missing text" section ).

Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin May 30 '13

The issue was fixed in 472 update.

suwat pb
suwat pb Jun 24 '13
can not work together with Avartar Extreme plugin.. the link Build Avartar missing while Profile cover active, but after Deactivate Profile cover - the Build Avartar link come back.

the Avartar Extreme .. go here


bobbi Jun 25 '13
we use user approve and i notice  there is no option to delete the account until it has been approved, after approval then the delete button us back, the delete button was always there before it is since the last update, it just took me this long to realise it was missing
Eric Chen
Eric Chen Oct 29 '13
Just updated to October 24 build. New build has gender and age next to profile picture. However, looks like there's a bug where the text doesn't line up (see attached), and "y.o." isn't spaced out after the page. Is there a way to remove this line from display?
  Capture.PNG (290.76Kb)
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Oct 29 '13

It seems to be a theme issue. Could you send me your site url. I will check it on your theme and tell you how to fix it.Anyway, you can disable this information line ( Info Line 1 ) via "Profile Cover" setting page.

TimoViBritannia Dec 30 '13
Hello, my admin setting of the plugin look like this :

And the Dropdown Menu to select a new image on the profile page is emty. No text is displayed

My Oxwall is in German Could it be something with the translation and how can i fix it?
The Forum post is edited by TimoViBritannia Dec 30 '13
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Jan 3 '14

It is translation issue. The plugin includes only English language, by default. If you want use this plugin with different language, you should translate the plugin by yourself or ask someone on the forum.

Vladimir Bach
Vladimir Bach Jan 9 '14
Needs to be updated to support the new platform update? Anytime someone adds a cover image to their profile the photos don't show up in the photo plugin properly.
Kostasgr Jan 27 '14
Sergey  i  get the plugins but not working the album the same problems as avadarfix it please thanks!
Kostasgr Jan 31 '14
The problem is still there and I do not get the answer;
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Feb 2 '14


Did you update Photo plugin to the latest version? Could you pm me your site url. I will check the issue on your site.

Kostasgr Feb 2 '14
i have not get something new in the  plugin  yet i fix site and when i fix it i send  url of my site but igo in your site and not working (Demo.oxpro.org)   thanks !
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Feb 2 '14
I tested Profile Cover on my site ( demo.oxpro.org ) one more time and everything works normally. Could you describe the error you found on my site.
Kostasgr Feb 3 '14
  The photos Profile Cover are not stored in ALBUM ( demo.oxpro.org ) http://demo.oxpro.org/user/ilpostoxaniap
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