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Suggestions - Profile Cover | Forum

BC Apr 16 '13
Would it be possible to have multiple covers?

So that when a user refreshes the page it changes?

Ajith Jojo
Ajith Jojo May 30 '13
after 2 months wht is the real status of your page plugin we are waiting for that .....
Michel May 30 '13
add more pay options cuz i dont got paypal etc.. now i cant buy these things ever
Aprillos Jun 19 '13
adam john
adam john Jun 28 '13
i hope you can make a free version maybe with a limited things that have on paid version
Arifur Rahman
Arifur Rahman Nov 15 '13
Text missing in notification setting option  
  Email Notifications.png (129.05Kb)
Simone Oct 2 '15

is it possible to compress image before or after upload?

my users upload 5MB of image..

thank you

Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Oct 2 '15

I will consider your suggestion for the next plugin update. 
Thank you.

John Oct 11 '15

Quote from Simone Hi,

is it possible to compress image before or after upload?

my users upload 5MB of image..

thank you

Wouldn't it be possible to have the user load an image to a gallery and let Oxwall handle compression? The user could then select the cover photo from that gallery. I'm assuming it would work but as I'm having problems with cover photo I'm not sure if this is already implemented.

Compression is essential because people are uploading massive photos. Most don't have a clue and it's up to us to sort the mess out at our end.
tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 28 '15
the default covers needs a description as it ends up being a image with no alt tages 

on upload a image needs have input for putting a description in or have it default to usernames cover cover photo
Scott Jan 14 '16

Quote from Sergey Kambalin Also I am working on Pages plugin. This plugin will be similar to Facebook Fan Pages. It will contain a lot of features and will be fully customizable. That plugin will be free. But some features will be chargeable.
Sergey,  Did you ever develop Fan Pages plugin?  I would be interested in buying this if it was configured correctly.
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