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Help website Administrator to block bad words from post and help to keep website safe and clean. Works with basic plugins + Extended...
Skalfa LLC · Jul 19 '13 · $35
This brand new plugin allows webmasters to pre-moderate all new content that’s being added to the site, including users, avatars, photos, videos,...
Skalfa LLC · Nov 27 '14 · $49
Admin Visual Editor (TinyMCE)
WYSIWYG Text area for admin pages. Lets admin create attractive pages from the admin pages using TinyMCE visual editor.
Ebenezer Obasi · Jul 27 '16 · $10
123 Flash Chat
123FlashChat/123PPVSoftware Module For OXWALL It can add a live chat room to Oxwall. And the best part is that a free hosted chat will be...
TopCMM · Aug 22 '14 · free
OldFuture Theme Manager
This plugin does not display anything, but it facilitates OldFuture themes to give you more user experience possible. [BUILD 2]
Sen Projects · Dec 5 '13 · free
OldFuture Theme Changer
Theme Changer plugin will let your site members choose their own theme to suit their own flavor while enjoying your Oxwall Social Networking Site....
Sen Projects · Mar 25 '14 · $25
Admin Plugin Settings Menu
Creates a menu block in the admin area that keeps all the active plugin setting links in one place. More Description:...
Ebenezer Obasi · Dec 11 '16 · free
Sitemap Fix
Light-weight plugin to fix the error you get when you visit yourwebsite.com/sitemap.xml.
Ebenezer Obasi · Sep 5 '18 · free
Forum Post Content
Display your Google Adsense code, advertisement or other html codes inside your Oxwall and Skadate forum topics. You can manage your codes from the...
Ebenezer Obasi · Oct 20 '19 · free
(Added support for the native mobile version of oxwall, support roles) Adds a widget to the main page and dashboard. In this will be displayed...
Sumate · Jul 18 '17 · $5
Language Cleaner Plus
Removes empty language key values from the language table plus has backup and restore features to save and restore the two language tables involved...
dave · Apr 26 '15 · $10
Mailbox Limit
Limit create new messages per user for one day. You can specify which group have limits, you can set separate limits to all user roles. Support...
ArtMedia · May 23 '17 · $20
Adds a widget with multiple basic oxwall functions. Examples: Change avatar, view my friends, change my privacy, view my albums, See my groups,...
Sumate · May 1 '17 · $5
Google This Pro
What are the differences from the free version: 1) Pro version supports avatar search, free version does not, see screenshot 2. 2) Pro version...
Daniel · Nov 17 '16 · $72
Developer Tools
Super fast developer toolset, all with one click: * Clear the cache * Activate and deactivate the DEBUG mode * Super fast user links * Login...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 27 '20 · $10
Join IP Lookup
Show user join IP info on their profile to admin or user. Join IP Lookup is an IP geolocation plugin. It geographically map the join IP address...
Ebenezer Obasi · Jun 17 '19 · $10
Instagram Widget
Display Instagram widgets on dashboard and index page. Allow users add own Instagram photos on profile pages. Support mobile version.
ArtMedia · Nov 20 '17 · $15
Twitter Widget
We issued new plugin to oxwall platform, where you can Twitterfeed from your account on index page and dashboard. Additional you can let users add...
ArtMedia · Nov 7 '17 · $7
Homepage/Landing Page
Customize your startpage
ArtMedia · Dec 21 '16 · $15
New Features
Page and widget for showing your websites new features. You can add 5 new feature titles along with their descriptions in the language section...
Corey · Oct 30 '15 · $5
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