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Set Sign-In Page as Landing Page
Adds a sign-in menu to your top menu items. You easily set your sign in page as the landing page by dragging the Sign In menu to the first place....
Ebenezer Obasi · Nov 1 '15 · free
External NoFollow
Automatically add rel="nofollow" attributes for all external links to discourage spam bots. Not all search engines can parse this.
Purusothaman Ramanujam · May 15 '13 · $3
Admin Tools
Tools for Admin/Moderators to reset an user avatar or change password with just a click. Useful when users put inappropriate Avatar Image or forgot...
Purusothaman Ramanujam · Feb 8 '13 · $10
New User Alert
Notifies Admin with an Email when an user is newly registered in your Oxwall network
Purusothaman Ramanujam · Sep 3 '12 · $10
Login as user with easy return as admin
Admin can login as any user from his/her profile page by one click. Also you can return back as an admin by one click. Use "remember me" option...
Sergey Pryadkin · Aug 25 '16 · $15
Admin Plus
Admin Plus - Plugin allow display users order by Roles. Plugin also add some additional functionality for admin/moderator like eg. allow for admin...
aron · Feb 1 '16 · $15
SMS User Verification
The plugin enables verification of site users through SMS. Choose to run it as the only site verification option, or have it along with the...
Skalfa LLC · Sep 18 '15 · $59
User photo verification
Make your web site a safe place for dating. This tool helps you check if uploaded photos belong to real site members
Sergey Pryadkin · Oct 23 '17 · $23
Anti Spam, Anti Bots Killer
2 Plugins in 1. - Block all bots using the famous ZB Block library. - Prevent spammy behavior from real users too. Admin sets minimum of...
Senior Developer · Apr 3 '18 · $30
Country blocker
Block users from certain countries to your website Plugin have: - ipv4 database - ipv6 database You can: - select external service or own...
ArtMedia · Oct 2 '17 · $20
Product Description SMS OTP plugin provides mobile verification using SMS during registration. It also allows to reset password using SMS....
Pustak Sadan · May 13 '16 · $16
Allow your members to change their mood state. This will let the user set a Current Mood, Show their mood or how they feel. it gives more activity...
Donamix · Jun 21 '13 · $15
MailBoxLayer Integration for Oxwall
MailBoxLayer Integration for Oxwall Checks for Valid Email Format And SMTP Check Of Email Addresses stops join with disposable email addys stop...
Tammy · Apr 19 '17 · $5
IP users lookup
Register users ip lookup history. Support IP v4 and IP v6.
ArtMedia · Sep 22 · $20
VAPTCHA - Gestures Verification System (CAPTCHA)
The captcha from Future. Your users can complete this "captcha" in 1 second. Bots can't. VAPTCHA (an acronym for “Variation Analysis Based...
Senior Developer · Apr 11 '18 · $30
Dual Captcha
Dual Captcha is an anti-bot service. Provide you Google reCaptcha and slider captcha. Help you to protect your site from spammers. To Use Dual...
steph · Mar 15 '18 · $18
Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect Featured
Allow users to join, sign in, and synchronize profile info using their Facebook accounts
Oxwall Software · Aug 4 '10 · free
Google Connect (recode)
Allow users to join, sign in, using their Google accounts. Recode old Google connect by Denis Sanson Copyright (c) 2013, Unixvers. Russian language...
Dmitry Surin · Dec 2 '14 · free
VKontakte connect
Allow users to join, sign in, and synchronize profile info using their VKontakte accounts GitHub: https://github.com/greyexpert/vkconnect
Sergey Kambalin · Jul 22 '12 · free
User IP Tracker
Displays IP address of each members in the profile based on their last login or Join IP address. Only Admin and Moderators can view. Mobile supported.
Purusothaman Ramanujam · Jun 28 '12 · $7
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