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Set Sign-In Page as Landing Page
Adds a sign-in menu to your top menu items. You easily set your sign in page as the landing page by dragging the Sign In menu to the first place....
Ebenezer Obasi · Nov 1 '15 · free
Login As User
Plugin allows site administrator and site moderators to login with other users credentials with just one click
Oxwall CandyStore · Jan 21 '13 · $15
Two Factor Authentication
Give your users more security like Microsoft or Google. Users need their smartphone to login so other person can't login even if they know their...
Mike · Jul 25 '14 · $3
User photo verification
Make your web site a safe place for dating. This tool helps you check if uploaded photos belong to real site members
Sergey Pryadkin · Oct 23 '17 · $23
Anti Spam, Anti Bots Killer
2 Plugins in 1. - Block all bots using the famous ZB Block library. - Prevent spammy behavior from real users too. Admin sets minimum of...
Senior Developer · Apr 3 '18 · $30
SMS User Verification
The plugin enables verification of site users through SMS. Choose to run it as the only site verification option, or have it along with the...
Skalfa LLC · Sep 18 '15 · $59
Country blocker
Block users from certain countries to your website Plugin have: - ipv4 database - ipv6 database You can: - select external service or own...
ArtMedia · Oct 2 '17 · $20
Product Description SMS OTP plugin provides mobile verification using SMS during registration. It also allows to reset password using SMS....
Pustak Sadan · May 13 '16 · $16
IP users lookup
Register users ip lookup history. Support IP v4 and IP v6.
ArtMedia · Sep 22 '19 · $20
Allow your members to change their mood state. This will let the user set a Current Mood, Show their mood or how they feel. it gives more activity...
Donamix · Jun 21 '13 · $15
VAPTCHA - Gestures Verification System (CAPTCHA)
The captcha from Future. Your users can complete this "captcha" in 1 second. Bots can't. VAPTCHA (an acronym for “Variation Analysis Based...
Senior Developer · Apr 11 '18 · $30
Dual Captcha
Dual Captcha is an anti-bot service. Provide you Google reCaptcha and slider captcha. Help you to protect your site from spammers. To Use Dual...
steph · Mar 15 '18 · $18
Plugin assing unique fingerprint to users.
ArtMedia · Oct 27 '18 · $30
Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect Featured
Allow users to join, sign in, and synchronize profile info using their Facebook accounts
Oxwall Software · Aug 4 '10 · free
Google Connect (recode)
Allow users to join, sign in, using their Google accounts. Recode old Google connect by Denis Sanson Copyright (c) 2013, Unixvers. Russian language...
Dmitry Surin · Dec 2 '14 · free
VKontakte connect
Allow users to join, sign in, and synchronize profile info using their VKontakte accounts GitHub: https://github.com/greyexpert/vkconnect
Sergey Kambalin · Jun 22 '20 · free
Trashmail Blocker
Trashmail blocker prevent people registering with Trashmail and other disposable email addresses on your website. The disposable emails database is...
Elly Dzilah · Aug 21 '15 · $7
Email Verify Top Bar
Displays a new top bar all over the website like facebook does, so the user can register, enter the website and verify the email account anytime to...
Senior Developer · Nov 2 '16 · $25
Register X
Are you tired with very long register form? If yes, than this plugin is for you! This plugin can split the register form for as many steps as you...
Daniel · Jul 3 '17 · $79
Profile Guard
This plugin will allow you to limit the Daily Profile Viewing of your members. If you are running a website which you want your members to...
Sen Projects · Nov 19 '13 · $10
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