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Suggestions - People You May Know
Simple widget for your websites. Displays people you may know based on friends of your friends, with number of mutual friends and Add to Friends...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Apr 1 '14 · $9
PhotoEvent Plugin
PhotoEvent is a photo extension for EVENT plugin. Allow users to upload and view photos for each event with tags, rates, and comments. <<< If...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Feb 26 '14 · $20
Users Credits Coins
Coins Credits Pro - Is for members motivation to earn for user activity and spend many ways. Plug connector points (somethink like oxwall user...
aron · Sep 28 '15 · $45
Links Sharing
This plugin allows your social network users to post and share helpful links. Links Sharing can be put in category and tagged for easy searching,...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Dec 29 '15 · $15
Groups Mobile Version
Simple groups within one site by Mobile version. ** Try our demo here http://owlatestdemo.idragonsolution.com *Account for demo site:...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Jun 20 '18 · $10
Event attachments Plugin
This plugin allows your social network users to upload and share attachments/files to the specified event as a widget. Administrator can set max...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Jan 10 '18 · $17
Paid Membership Account Pro
Paid Membership Profile - This plugin allow for already registered users to upgrade to premium (paid account) membership levels (allow set payment...
aron · Oct 2 '15 · $25
Amazon Store Page
Do you want to earn some money with your Amazon Store(https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/tips/t12) ? Your website's long-term...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Nov 7 '16 · $9
Adds bootstrap framework to your Oxwall site. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first...
Ebenezer Obasi · Jul 11 '16 · free
Photos Badge Plugin
Photo Badges enable users to show off their photos from your community on external blogs or websites. This can be a great tool to attract more...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Oct 7 '14 · $12
VideoEvent Plugin
VideoEvent plugin is a video plugin extention of EVENT plugin. Allow users to embed videos for each event with tags, rates, and comments....
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Feb 25 '14 · $20
My Chat Pro
Plugin allow chat with other users. Plugin display online users who are in chat room. For plugin user online is that who write on chat. When member...
aron · Aug 16 '16 · $16
Ideas Plugin (Mobile supported)
** Mobile supported * Ideas plugin is the best plugin which lets your users to share their ideas with each other as well as with comments, rates,...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Oct 5 '18 · $24
Internet Of Things
Plugin to manage internet of thing components like Arduino Yun Board and device that use MQTT Publish and Subscribe protocol
lattinaD · Sep 7 '14 · $13
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