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Introduce Yourself
Introduction Plugin will give your Oxwall website a new experience, a way where in they can say something about themselves and be seen by everybody...
Sen Projects · Nov 12 '13 · $5
Photos Badge Plugin
Photo Badges enable users to show off their photos from your community on external blogs or websites. This can be a great tool to attract more...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Oct 7 '14 · $12
Love Partner
It gives users the possibility of adding another user as a love partner. It will be displayed in the profiles of the users and the time they have...
Sumate · Feb 1 '20 · $10
Ask Plugin (like ask.fm)
Enables people to send questions to each other, And answer them when they want to. When you ask a question you can choose whether to ask it...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Sep 23 '14 · $24
Profile X - Include 6 custom developing hours.
Another way to display your user profile page. Price include 6 custom developing hours. Buy and PM me.
Daniel · Oct 17 '17 · $172
Random Photos
Add random photos widget to Main and Dashboard pages. Everytime the user refresh the page, it will show him other random photos in the widget....
Senior Developer · Mar 9 '17 · $10
Instagram Widget
Display Instagram widgets on dashboard and index page. Allow users add own Instagram photos on profile pages. Support mobile version.
ArtMedia · Nov 20 '17 · $15
My Social Media Widgets
My Social Media Widgets plugin is a powerful but easy-to-use Oxwall and Skadate plugin that enables your website users to display their social...
Ebenezer from Bluetide Webs · Jul 25 '16 · $15
Twitter Widget
We issued new plugin to oxwall platform, where you can Twitterfeed from your account on index page and dashboard. Additional you can let users add...
ArtMedia · Nov 7 '17 · $7
Actions of News Feed (Facebook style)
-Supports the role system. -It allows users new interactions on the wall in the style of facebook. Available Actions: -Feeling -celebrating...
Sumate · Mar 17 '19 · $5
Visual Ranges(Admin,Moderator and Vip member)
This plugin works through the oxwall role system. Use a modern style icon to show the rank of the user as long as he is Administrator, moderator...
Sumate · Jul 27 '19 · $5
Music contests/ Music Competitions
Allow members to add music to contest. And then when the contest ends, the system will pick a winner from the musics submitted based on the highest...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Sep 6 '16 · $25
PHOTO Schedule For Admins
Save your time, in one day you can configure and automate all your photo uploads of a full month for all your fake users. Save your time,...
Senior Developer · Jan 16 '17 · $35
It allows to publish magazines composed of issues and articles. With sections and labels. Spectacular presentation with texts about the images and...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 27 '20 · $50
Important!!! CentOS and Ubuntu server compatible. The integration script is not downloadable. We will personally do the integration in your...
Sen Projects · Dec 1 '14 · $35
Custom Newsfeed Status Form
Displays the Update Status form to friends only. Remove the status form from Profile page if they are not friends.
Senior Developer · Mar 16 '17 · $20
Share User
Send notification to other user, when you recommend somebody user profile.
ArtMedia · Feb 8 '20 · $15
User Role Photos Limit
Limit number of photos a user can see based on their user role.
Ebenezer from Bluetide Webs · Apr 19 '20 · $15
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