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Saved Search
Plugin allows to save user search result. User can view his saved searches in console. Simple to configure: You can change maximum number of...
jk · Nov 4 '14 · $15
Default Avatars
Allows admins to change default avatar for each account type. The plugin allows to assign two types of default avatars for each account type: *...
Sergey Kambalin · Jun 22 '20 · $10
Account types interaction tuner
By using this plugin you can allow or restrict some actions between account types. For example, males can’t visit profiles of couples, couples...
Sergey Pryadkin · Mar 14 '18 · $60
Speed Dating
Add an organized social activity in which people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in...
Zaph · Nov 2 '15 · $39
This GIF plugin allow users send funny GIF in chat dialog, private message and more. This version allow webmasters to upload and manage their own...
Daniel · Nov 24 '16 · $199
Rotate Photos
Add new rotate feature in photos plugin. The photo owner can rotate their photos from Photos plugin, the admin can rotate all photos from photos...
Senior Developer · Oct 12 '17 · $20
Welcome Pluss
Work in the native mobile version of oxwall Adds a widget to the home page,and dashboard page that displays a welcome message to the site. This...
Sumate · Apr 14 '17 · $5
Video Mobile Version
Allow users to embed videos with comments, rates, and tags by Mobile version Here is the list of plugins for Mobile version: Video Mobile...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Apr 17 '18 · $10
Site Tour by Auto Logging With Test User
An awesome website is developed, various Membership Levels are decided and in spite of Free Membership available, visitors are not joining the...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Jan 18 '16 · $10
User Avatar
User Avatar widget for oxwall. Get your users started with this greeting widget. **New styles and layout added to the latest version. See...
Ebenezer from Bluetide Webs · Apr 22 '15 · $10
Color of states (Facebook style)
--V7-- It allows users to publish any state with a facebook-like background. This is an idea that was very successful in the great Facebook social...
Sumate · May 13 '19 · $10
Likes To Rate Notification
** When someone 'Likes' a photo/ video / blog post on the newsfeed it Automnatically gives it 5 stars a notifies the owner and sends a notification...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · May 20 '16 · $7
YourWebsite Share Button
Let third parties display a share button of your social network/dating site on their websites, apps or email. The Share button lets people add a...
Ebenezer from Bluetide Webs · Dec 6 '15 · $26
Saved (Read it later)
Allows you to build a queue of posts that you’d like to read later. Every day, people find all sorts of interesting items on newsfeed that they...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Feb 8 '16 · $15
Force Avatar Photo Upload
Force the user to upload their avatar to use the website. If you are having a lot of users without avatar this is the solution for you, this plugin...
Senior Developer · Sep 8 '17 · $20
Newsfeed for events
Replaces limited `Wall` component with feature rich `Newsfeed` on all event pages. It brings all the cool `Newsfeed` features to events, including:...
Sergey Kambalin · Jun 22 '20 · $10
Event Mobile Version
Create public and private events within your community, let people RSVP and discuss by Mobile version. Here is the list of plugins for Mobile...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · May 7 '18 · $10
Virtual Butler Alfred
Integrate into two widget a virtual butler. The widget (A) randomly displays messages from our butler helping the user to perform different actions...
Sumate · Oct 12 '17 · $12
Blogs Mobile Version
User blogs with archives, rates, and tags by Mobile version. Here is the list of plugins for Mobile version: Video Mobile Version:...
iDragon Solution Co., Ltd · Apr 24 '18 · $10
Fanpage Widget
Display fanpage widget on dashboard and index page.
ArtMedia · Nov 16 '17 · $5
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