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User Jail
This plugin allows you to temporarily suspend users by adding a button to the profile page. This button is displayed in green or red depending on...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 15 '20 · $20
Emojis and Smileys
Emojis and Smileys in your website, let the fun begin! It comes with a basic pack of emojis: 768 emojis in 6 categories! Upload your own smileys...
Senior Developer · Jun 14 '20 · $30
This plugin has many functions. For members it allows: * Date of registration and date of last connection, date and reason for the suspension *...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 14 '20 · $50
Country blocker
Block users from certain countries to your website Plugin have: - ipv4 database - ipv6 database You can: - select external service or own...
ArtMedia · Oct 2 '17 · $20
Add a widget in MAIN, DASBHOARD and PROFILE simulating the facebook bookmarks with many options. This makes navigation much easier for our users....
Sumate · Jan 15 '18 · $10
Users can write testimonials on your website. Testimonials can be group by category and shown on certain pages
Ebenezer Obasi · May 18 '20 · $40
Covid Interactive Informer
This plugin will help increase activity on your site.Showing concern for your members increases your confidence and vision about the site -It...
Sumate · May 18 '20 · $10
Landing Page
This plugin enable landing page or popup to guest, which enter the site. You can warn them about site content
ArtMedia · May 18 '20 · $25
Photo notifications
Send additional notifications to users, when moderator approve, delete photo. Some features require premoderation plugin
ArtMedia · Feb 28 '20 · $20
Featured Users
Users can buys packages to display their profile on featured section. You can display different packages plan for account types. Plugin display...
ArtMedia · Nov 29 '18 · $30
Help Center
Premium and fully fledged help center plugin modelled like Facebook help center with menus and custom page layout.
Ebenezer Obasi · May 30 '18 · $35
Actions of News Feed (Facebook style)
-Supports the role system. -It allows users new interactions on the wall in the style of facebook. Available Actions: -Feeling -celebrating...
Sumate · Mar 17 '19 · $5
Profile Status Emojis Style
Users will have the possibility to put predefined profile states in emoji mode.Support Roles. Now the status of the user accompanied by his icon...
Sumate · Jan 25 '19 · $10
Color of states (Facebook style)
--V7-- It allows users to publish any state with a facebook-like background. This is an idea that was very successful in the great Facebook social...
Sumate · May 13 '19 · $10
Secret Post
Allows members to post to a special page in total anonymity. No identifiable information is stored or displayed. Just the text and date is stored....
dave · Apr 14 '15 · $20
Simple Chat
Now supports user credits. This is a full featured awesome chat plugin. Adds an integrated simple (self hosted) chat with multiple rooms to your...
dave · Oct 31 '16 · $40
CoinBase Billing
Accept payments from users via CoinBase. Support Mobile version.
ArtMedia · Apr 19 '20 · $40
User Role Photos Limit
Limit number of photos a user can see based on their user role.
Ebenezer Obasi · Apr 19 '20 · $15
Typing Indicator
Display 3 dots in chat conversation when the other user is typing. User roles compatible. Admin can set user role that can watch this "Typing...
Senior Developer · Aug 7 '19 · $25
Moderator Notes
Adds widget to user profile where moderators can store notes visible only to other moderators. Edit or modify as you like, or include in your...
Dev Forward · Mar 11 '20 · free
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