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Allow users submit questions/polls for other users to answer, Facebook-style. LITE VERSION GitHub: https://github.com/greyexpert/questions
Sergey Kambalin · Jun 22 '20 · free
Mailbox Cleanup
It allows to eliminate conversations whose last message is previous to a given date. It also allows deleting conversations from suspended or...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 22 '20 · $10
Avatar History
Stores all user avatars in a special photo album ( "Profile Pictures" by default ) Requirements: Oxwall Photo ( Latest Version ) Note: The...
Sergey Kambalin · Jun 21 '20 · free
Friend Lists
Plugin adds possibility for users to organize their friends into groups like Family, Colleagues, Close Friends, and so on. It will help users who...
Sergey Kambalin · Jun 21 '20 · $30
Favorite Gift
Allows users show one of their gifts on the avatar image. Integrated with Virtual Gifts, Notifications, Newsfeed, Profile Cover, User Hint and...
Sergey Kambalin · Jun 21 '20 · free
User Carousel
User carousel widget for index page, dashboard and groups SEO friendly: All images in the carousel have `alt` tag attribute. The content of...
Sergey Kambalin · Jun 20 '20 · $20
Profile Snippets
Adds widget that contains snippets of user content: photos, video, groups, etc... Simple to configure: You can hide/show snippets and change...
Sergey Kambalin · Jun 20 '20 · free
Swap Theme Plus
Users and guests can easily choose their favorite theme with a single click. You can set which themes are available for each user role. User roles...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 20 '20 · $20
Swap Theme
Users and guests can easily choose their favorite theme with just one click. Support roles and user permissions. Allows the admin to define the...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 20 '20 · $15
Language Manager
Toolbox to edit languages with many possibilities: * Copy the language of a plugin from one language to another * Complete the missing keys with...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 20 '20 · $10
Follow All
This plugin allows the admin to make all users follower of their friends if they are not already. Also, it makes all members of a group follow this...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 17 '20 · $10
Private Albums
Let your users creat private albums which they can share only with selected users, friends, password or public.
Mike · Mar 15 '15 · $25
Two Factor Authentication
Give your users more security like Microsoft or Google. Users need their smartphone to login so other person can't login even if they know their...
Mike · Jul 25 '14 · $3
User Add
Add users by your own. You only need to enter username, email, password and account type. Also the new user have to validate his email (only if...
Mike · Mar 4 '15 · $6
Show how your community grows. And get more Information about it.
Mike · Sep 11 '15 · free
Mail Clean Cron
Deletes conversations whose last message is before a given date, or that one of the two users is suspended or deleted. Works with CRON. You can...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 15 '20 · $20
Account Type Widget
HTML/Text Widget that is only displayed for certain types of users. Different title and content for each language. Can also be shown/hidden...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 15 '20 · $10
User Jail
This plugin allows you to temporarily suspend users by adding a button to the profile page. This button is displayed in green or red depending on...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 15 '20 · $20
Emojis and Smileys
Emojis and Smileys in your website, let the fun begin! It comes with a basic pack of emojis: 768 emojis in 6 categories! Upload your own smileys...
Senior Developer · Jun 14 '20 · $30
This plugin has many functions. For members it allows: * Date of registration and date of last connection, date and reason for the suspension *...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 14 '20 · $50
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