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Ultimate Captcha
Provides administrative control over 4 types of captcha techniches, question captcha, slide captcha, dropdown captcha, and recaptcha. Allowing...
dave · Jun 2 '16 · $25
Automatic Suspend
Automatically suspend users whose profiles have been flagged X times. Admin can adjust: - Number of flags required before suspending - What...
Dev Forward · Jun 22 · free
This plugin has many functions. For members it allows: * Date of registration and date of last connection, date and reason for the suspension *...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 14 · $50
Add a widget to the main page, moderators can see complaints easier. An animated image was added. A sound alert was added. The perfect tool to...
Sumate-RelajoSoft · Jan 17 '17 · $5
Profile countries
Show user country on profile page (add new profile question field, so is displayed on mobile apps!). You can select external service to localize...
ArtMedia · Aug 26 '18 · $30
Trial for new users
The best way to attract users is offering them a complete access to all site services. The plugin allows administrators to assign a temporal...
Sergey Pryadkin · Apr 20 '17 · $14
Account Type Changer
Allows Admin to change account type for a member and bypasses the (core issued version) requirement to answer profile questions. Works Perfectly on...
dave · Apr 29 '15 · $15
Users Management Tools
The crucial part of any community is members. And it is very important to have a set of tools which helps admin to easily create, edit and observe...
Sergey Kambalin · Jun 22 · $29
Virtual Butler Alfred V7
Integrate into two widget a virtual butler. The widget (A) randomly displays messages from our butler helping the user to perform different actions...
Sumate-RelajoSoft · Oct 12 '17 · $10
Member ads
This plugin is a section where members can announce anything. It is designed for high ad volume and empower paid members. If your website does...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 18 · $30
DOC Plus
Allows members to upload documents via a profile widget and special page. It also provides a full page to view and upload documents. Permissions...
dave · May 23 '16 · $14
Footer Stats
Display portal stats in footer
ArtMedia · Sep 12 '17 · $10
Fanpage Widget
Display fanpage widget on dashboard and index page.
ArtMedia · Nov 16 '17 · $5
Detect Lang
Try to detect user lang (from browser) and change default language to user native lang. How plugin works? How now plugin works? If you have...
ArtMedia · Feb 3 '19 · $20
Language Manager
Toolbox to edit languages with many possibilities: * Copy the language of a plugin from one language to another * Complete the missing keys with...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 20 · $10
Removal reason with profile recover
Before profile deletion user must mark the reason of it's removal. Overall statistics why users delete their profiles, therefore you'll be able to...
Sergey Pryadkin · Jul 2 '17 · $18
Mobile Header and Body
Allows you to add extra header and body content to Oxwall and Skadate mobile version.
Ebenezer Obasi · Jun 13 '18 · $6
Mailbox Cleanup
It allows to eliminate conversations whose last message is previous to a given date. It also allows deleting conversations from suspended or...
Patricia Zorrilla · Jun 22 · $10
Delete Account
If user want delete account, account is deleted after x days if user dont log in on site.
ArtMedia · Dec 11 '17 · $20
Profile Views Counter
Display a views counter on user's profile. The admin can change the counter's value (increase and decrease). Increases automatically every time...
Senior Developer · Nov 25 '16 · $20
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