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Pauline Jun 16 '14
… .exception{background:#093dd3;color:#fff;} .ow_debug_body .vardump{background:#333;color:#fff;} .vardumper .string{color:green} .vardumper .null{color:blue} .vardumper .array{color:blue} .vardumper .bool{color:blue} .vardumper .property{color:brown} .vardumper .number{color:red} . … More
lokesh Oct 8 '14
i am the new one for oxwall.server:wamp 2.4host:localhostDatabase name:oxwalluser:rootpassword:null All my database username and password is correct but i am gettting the error in Finalizing install like(could not connect to database) More
Joseph Dec 19 '14
… -hosting to ensure 777 permissions were set and the config.php file mirrored the Godaddy file define('OW_DB_HOST', 'localhost');define('OW_DB_PORT', null);define('OW_DB_USER', 'i946472_oxwa1');define('OW_DB_PASSWORD', 'xxxxxx');define('OW_DB_NAME', 'i946472_oxwa1'); My issue is that the site refuses … More
Onur Apr 30 '15
… Line:110[Thu Apr 30 16:38:51 2015] [ow_core_log] [Error] Message: Argument 1 passed to HINT_CLASS_UserParser::renderHint() must be of the type array, null given, called in /home/selam527/public_html/ow_plugins/hint/controllers/hint.php on line 42 and defined File: /home/selam527/public_html/ow_plugins/ … More
Kenneth Dec 9 '11
… ')); $userId = OW::getUser()->getId(); $this->assign('list', $list); } private function text( $prefix, $key, array $vars = null ) { return OW::getLanguage()->text($prefix, $key, $vars); } } More
Clement Peronneaud
Clement Peronneaud Apr 5 '12
Hi all, I'm trying to create an edit page with fields filled with the database informations by default.My problem is that the setValue does not work except for the submit field.So I have to use the addAttribute method to create the default value.But with this solution, … More
Andre May 21 '12
… 't better. I think 60-70% is ok and should be set in the next release. /ow_libraries/wideimage/Mapper/JPEG.php function save($handle, $uri = null, $quality = 100) to function save($handle, $uri = null, $quality = 60) PNG is already set to maximum compression, but this is no problem … More
Purusothaman Ramanujam
BOL_AvatarService::getInstance()->getAvatarUrl($userId) return a empty string. More
Nirmalya Ghosh
Nirmalya Ghosh Nov 10 '12
Hello developers,I just wanted to know if there is any way to disable the "username" and "captcha" fields from the sign up form.My users complain that the captcha field does not work fine. Sometimes it works fine but sometime it doesn't.And I want the username to be generated automatically so that the users don't have to choose any username. More
cit27 Dec 19 '12
How to add PageViews for blogposting. it is like forumpost? top/under blogpost: Sample text: views: 27 views More
ca47 Jan 6 '13
Hello, is it possible to split the join page into 2 steps? At the first (main) page you have the basic stuff (like username, password, email). At the 2nd page you have maybe the real name, gender, birthday, avatar. For example the page http://www.a6.pl (by aron)  Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot! More
Pete Feb 4 '13
… ;private $html;    private $uid;  private $channel;  private $post_form_id;     function __construct($email = NULL, $password = NULL){        if(!extension_loaded('curl')) die("Install curl\r\n");    if(! … More
Bobby Feb 11 '13
Even my subject line is confusing. I'm new. Hi. If I post something to newsfeed, it shows my avatar above said post. If someone "likes" or comments on my post, their avatar replaces my avatar, above my original post. It looks confusing. If I "like" the last ten posts, … More
Offir Feb 11 '13
Hi there, I have a custom home page with a custom login/signup modal. I want to connect that to my oxwall setup so when the user logins on the homepage / modal he will be redirected to his profile (logged in) on my oxwall setup. I have been trying to look for the PHP code but cant seem to find it.  More
Jose Feb 13 '13
Hi, Where in the code is the 2 day wait period for sending emails?  Thanks, Jose More
dave Leader
dave May 16 '13
… ;   {             return new OW_AuthResult(OW_AuthResult::FAILURE_PASSWORD_INVALID, null, array($language->text('base', 'auth_invlid_password_error_message')));         }     & … More
Richard Carr
Richard Carr May 20 '13
Hello folks, I will be changing my primary domain soon and from asking puru and Den it seems i will have to change domain in config.php and cron settings (if your cron has been setup with wget/lynx command)... However according to Den "newsfeed's entries contain an old domain name. … More
Paul M.
Paul M. May 24 '13
Im having a big issue with dup page titles. My oxwall site is pretty new and seomoz is showing I have 205 duplicate page titles. I don't see any plugins for this or any way to change them myself. Anybody know how to go about changing this?  More
dave Leader
dave May 25 '13
… temp fix..  open ow_core/application.php about half way down the page you will see this code:  if ( $document->getDescription() === null )  {   $document->setDescription($language->text('nav', 'page_default_description'));   }  change it to this:   More
Alex Philipp
Alex Philipp May 25 '13
How to add text field to Fundraising Payment Form? So users can add their wishes or tips to admins when they want to donate site// Just need 1 text field before Donate button of Fundraising Payment Form More
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