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Hennesen Jul 10 '19
… ) #6 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_plugins/forum/bol/forum_service.php(1924): FORUM_BOL_TextSearchService->countGlobalTopics('photos', NULL) #7 /home/npccneta/public_html/portal/ow_plugins/forum/controllers/search.php(472): FORUM_BOL_ForumService->countGlobalTopics('photos', NULL) More
Robert Thornton
Robert Thornton Jul 13 '19
… /database.php(723): PDOStatement->execute() #1 /home/rhapsody/public_html/ow_core/database.php(344): OW_Database->execute('SELECT * FROM o...', NULL) #2 /home/rhapsody/public_html/ow_plugins/newsfeed/bol/like_dao.php(172): OW_Database->queryForObjectList('SELECT * FROM o...', 'NEWSFEED_BOL_Li... … More
Marcus Jul 22 '19
Hi guys what could be casing floar box not showing dashboard newsfeed photo it just keeps on loading. This only happens on dashboard.  More
Marcus Aug 2 '19
… ;       }         }).start(1000); // Time interval in milliseconds It says data is null. Anyone please. More
Marius Aug 23 '19
later edit:  closed subject   More
Topic location: Support » General Questions
OW-Ghost Aug 31 '19
i get error in my oxwall error log all the time [Mon Aug 26 22:26:26 2019] [ow_core_log] [Warning] Message: Illegal string offset 'label' File: /var/www/html/ow_smarty/template_c/72123f5aa239cd4d8e866aa400be9453d854adec_0.file.box_toolbar.html.php Line:50 How can i fix this? More
Rob Sep 22 '19
… it up but this does not seem to work. /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/username/domains/sub-domainname.domainname.nl/public_html/ow_cron/run.php >/dev/null 2>&1 With best regards, Admiraliteit Imedia More
Bob Newbie
Bob Newbie Oct 18 '19
… ', Array) #6 /home/kathyt7/public_html/rcmem/ow_plugins/forum/bol/forum_service.php(1924): FORUM_BOL_TextSearchService->countGlobalTopics('joker', NULL) #7 /home/kathyt7/public_html/rcmem/ow_plugins/forum/controllers/search.php(472): FORUM_BOL_ForumService->countGlobalTopics('joker', NULL) #8 / … More
Marcus Nov 27 '19
Hi folks before I spend time on trying to figure out that casing this error I wonder if someone knows some about this error: Call to a member function setStatus() on null in /ow_plugins/friends/bol/friendship_dao.php on line 216 P.S. I was getting this error ever since I started with oxwall!!! More
Carol Schumacher
Carol Schumacher Nov 25 '19
I have the standard 'photo' plugin installed.  It had worked fine until my hosting provider changed servers and included php version 7.   Options I can't follow are uninstalling it or my members will lose all their photos on the site. … More
Wilzer Jan 3 '20
Dear Friends,  Any suggestions on fixing this, the site is frozen with this message after trying to post news feed with link to Facebook page See attached More
Ash Jan 5 '20
… ) #6 /home/mumbailo/open-source.in/lab1/ow_plugins/forum/bol/forum_service.php(2077): FORUM_BOL_TextSearchService->countTopicsInGroup('test', 1, NULL) #7 /home/mumbailo/open-source.in/lab1/ow_plugins/forum/controllers/search.php(415): FORUM_BOL_ForumService->countTopicsInGroup('test', 1, NULL) # … More
Topic location: Support » General Questions
Marcus Jan 9 '20
… ;                WHERE ' . $queryParts["where"] . ' AND pactivity.id IS NULL AND activity.status=:s AND activity.activityType=:ac AND activity.privacy=:peb AND activity.visibility & :v'; What is the purpose of doing … More
Topic location: Support » General Questions
Peter Jan 31 '20
… " contain special characters (e.g. ’,&,",) Open: ow_libraries/oembed/oembed.php Title: replace line 154 with: $title = empty($matches[1]) ? null : mb_convert_encoding($matches[1], 'UTF-8', "HTML-ENTITIES"); Description: replace line 163 with: $description = empty($matches[1]) ? null : … More
OW-Ghost Feb 14 '20
Hello I go this notice errors that fill my error log with 1000000000 notice same [Fri Feb 14 17:45:20 2020] [ow_core_log] [Notice] Message: Trying to get property of non-object File: /var/www/html/ow_plugins/hideadmin/classes/event_handler.php Line:99[Fri Feb 14 17:51: … More
Christophe Tricaud
Christophe Tricaud Feb 21 '20
I am trying to add a shortcut in the admin side menu to go directly to a page concerning a plugin. This page exists but I have to go thru all plugin, select the one I want and click on preference. I added an entry in ow_base_menu_item but I don't know how the router in the MVC is working, … More
dave Leader
dave Mar 10 '20
… ; line 313 change FROM if(count($idList)) change TO if(!empty($idList) && count($idList)) the problem is that if it is an null or empty array, it cant be counted, so we have to check for empty as well,  you can also use !is_null in place of empty if you want to. like so More
Topic location: Community Exchange » General Chat
Ken Apr 19 '20
In the notifications drop down when click on any photo it takes me to a blank page someone help https://SoChaseMe.com More
Topic location: Oxwall International » Française
Herve Apr 23 '20
… in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'type":"link","description":null,"title":"EndeavourOS – A terminal-cent' at line 1 File: /home/hsimonne/reseau.g1-ml.eu/ow_core/database.php Line: 723 Trace: # … More
Topic location: Support » General Questions
Pat Apr 15 '20
what is a parsereror  im getting it everytime i try to post a comment. More
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