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Delete Messages From Chat
Adds feature to delete messages from chat and mailbox. Users can delete messages individually. New feature: Delete full conversation on Mobile....
Senior Developer · Nov 27 '18 · $30
Affiliate For Credits
Users get Credits for every user referral. Monetize your website. Every referral who registers with their referral code will give free credits to...
Senior Developer · Apr 9 '19 · $49
English: Accept payments from users with Sofort Banking Payment Network SOFORT Banking already allows you to receive payments from 13 European...
TECHNEO GmbH · Jan 11 '16 · $45
QIWI Billing
Accept payments from users with QIWI payment provider
Andrew Crew · Mar 10 '14 · $50
Accept payments from bank cards, in any e-currency, through mobile commerce services (MTS, Megafon, Beeline), online banking systems of leading...
Alexandr Makarov · Apr 9 '15 · $40
CCAvenue Billing
Accept payments from users with CCAvenue
ArtMedia · Aug 24 '18 · $30
Fortumo Billing
Accept payments from users with Fortumo. This plugin allow assign one Fortumo service as your payment gateway. Create account on fortumo.com,...
ArtMedia · Aug 24 '18 · $25
View profile questions by user role
You can select which user role can view selected profile questions. Support user account types, so you can select visiblity to user roles to...
ArtMedia · Mar 4 '19 · $30
Credits Billing
Accept payments from users via User Credits. You can set conversion rate, eg. 100 credits for 1 USD. User Credits plugin required. Support...
ArtMedia · Feb 2 '19 · $50
Donate membership
Allow users to donate membership other users. Membership plugin required.
ArtMedia · Feb 3 '19 · $20
Khipu Billing
Accept payments from users via Khipu (WebPay, PayMe, Simple Transfer, Regular Transfer). Support mobile version.
ArtMedia · May 10 '19 · $80
DotPay Billing
Accept payments from users with DotPay
ArtMedia · Sep 25 '17 · $20
VIP Profiles Protector
It encourages users to buy VIP membership. The plugin prohibits Free role users to view user profiles with VIP role (you can select any role in...
Sergey Pryadkin · Mar 2 '16 · free
SpryPay Billing
Accept payments from users with SpryPay payment provider. Created for the Russian Federation and CIS countries. SocEngine.Ru WebMoney,...
Victor · May 24 '11 · free
User Credits
#1 monetization feature in Oxwall! Enable users to earn, purchase and spend user credits. This means you can stimulate activity on your website,...
Skalfa LLC · Apr 6 '11 · $99
Exit Intent Modal Popup
Show a customisable CTA popup on Exit Intent i.e. when a guest user is about to abandon your site. Use it to increase conversion by drawing...
IntrigU · Aug 24 '16 · free
Adblock Detector
Tired of missed opportunities because of pesky ad blocker browser extensions, add-ons, and plugins? Fight back with Ad Blocking Detector today!...
Ebenezer Obasi · Nov 2 '15 · $10
Link Track
Track where from your website visitor came, how many visitor signup and which page get how many hit. You also can track which visitor came from...
Md. Mobarak Ali · Nov 10 '13 · $45
Simple banner ad management. Use the Geolocation IPs database plugin to add geo-targeting for your ads. Here is the plugin URL:...
Oxwall Software · Sep 20 '10 · free
PayPal Billing
Accept payments from users with PayPal payment provider. Important: Before buying the plugin, please make sure that you have active and...
Skalfa LLC · Sep 17 '10 · $39
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