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Paid Membership
A straightforward way to monetize your community! Offer your registered users to upgrade to premium membership levels, so they can have extended...
Skalfa LLC · Sep 17 '10 · $49
Increase your site popularity via fully-functional affiliate program
Oxwall CandyStore · Oct 21 '20 · $35
CCBill Billing
Accept payments from users with CCBill payment provider. Important: Before buying the plugin, please make sure that you have active and...
Skalfa LLC · Sep 17 '10 · $39
Viral Share on Facebook to unlock pages - Advertising support
Share on facebook to unlock pages and go viral. Advertising, image and video embed code support. Fully responsive, mobile support. Fully...
Senior Developer · Jul 21 '16 · $10
Moneybookers (Skrill) Billing
Accept payments from users with Moneybookers (Skrill) payment provider
Oxwall CandyStore · Feb 16 '12 · free
Forum Post Content
Display your Google Adsense code, advertisement or other html codes inside your Oxwall and Skadate forum topics. You can manage your codes from the...
Ebenezer Obasi · Oct 20 '19 · free
Amazon Affiliate Store
I don't have the time to update this plugin, so I decided to make it free for everyone. You want to earn money without to charge your community...
Schubkraft Media · Apr 14 '17 · free
Force membership
Do you want to monetize your site as much as possible and you do not need the free role on the site? This plugin will help solve this problem! Its...
VipDev · Oct 8 '17 · $9
Authorize.net Billing
Accept payments from users with Authorize.net payment provider. Plugin supports 2 integration methods: - Server Integration Method (for...
Oxwall CandyStore · Sep 4 '15 · $60
Exit Intent PLUS
Extension of the Exit Intent FREE plugin. As opposed to the FREE version (designed to increase sign ups), this plugin targets paid tier actions...
IntrigU · Apr 4 '17 · $7
Fortumo Pro Billing
Accept payments from users with Fortumo. This plugin allow assign many Fortumo services as your payment gateway for selected product. Plugin is...
ArtMedia · Aug 26 '18 · $50
Featured Users
Users can buys packages to display their profile on featured section. You can display different packages plan for account types. Plugin display...
ArtMedia · Nov 29 '18 · $30
Amazon Pay Billing
Accept payments from users with Amazon Payments provider. You can charge to people all over the world but you have to be from an available...
Senior Developer · Oct 12 '17 · $49
Verotel Payment Gateway
Accept payments from users using Verotel (Flexpay) as the payment gateway. Setup 1. Install the plugin onto your site 2. Within Verotel create a...
Solo Web Ltd · Sep 21 '16 · $79
Stripe Billing
Accept payments from users via Stripe
ArtMedia · Feb 28 '20 · $40
Invite users
Plugin to invite users to register on site and earn credits via refference system
ArtMedia · Feb 21 · $25
WayForPay Billing
Accept payments from users with WayForPay
ArtMedia · Oct 25 '19 · $80
Search profile questions by user role
You can select which user role can search selected profile questions. Compatibile with Mobile Search User Plugin...
ArtMedia · Mar 18 '19 · $25
PayU Billing
Accept payments from users with PayU. Support mobile version.
ArtMedia · Oct 17 '17 · $20
PayPlug Billing
Accept payments from users with PayPlug
ArtMedia · Feb 21 · $60
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