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Esmoof Feb 9 '13
version 1.5.1 (build 6093) I'm seeing that cron on my website, is having a problem to run I see the following error in the browser, when I go to this url: http://mysite.com/ow_cron/run.php Fatal error: Call to a member function hasDecorator() on a non-object in /home/esmoof/public_html/ow_core/theme_manager.php on line 186 More
Daniele Feb 13 '13
My site doesn’t send this mail to users who haven’t logged in for more than two days. The others email (ex. comment on post…registration…mass mailing etc…) work fine. What I have to check? More
Cedric Maire
Cedric Maire Mar 5 '13
HelloAfter an update for the plugin notification, i've got a erreur 500. I have switch to debug mode and this is the erreur message : Message:SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'db416022559.ow_notifications_notification' doesn't existFile: … More
Saif Mar 9 '13
My cron is running well i am getting an email about that but the email shows following error , can you please tell what it is ?<br /> <b>Fatal error</b>:  Call to a member function hasDecorator() on a non-object in <b> … More
Jayden Mar 20 '13
ok i did that SSH thingy and found out the PHP is in usr/bin.  ok, so um what do I do with that information. The guide said replacing. What do I replace? where, how, with what? thanks. I think my cron run every 28 days, how do i get it down to a minute. thanks More
Saif Mar 23 '13
Today I checked my site on Google web master and I was shocked to see over 1300 duplicate meta tags, what could be the reason ? How do i correct it ? More
Evelyne Apr 9 '13
Even though I haven't changed anything neither installed any plugin, for about 4 or 5 days now I've been getting this same error message from cron.  Any idea how to fix it? <br /> <b>Fatal error</b>:  … More
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Apr 9 '13
Since upgrading to 1.5.2 it says that cron job is not setup but it is.  I have double checked and the cron job is exactly the same as before and exactly what is called for by the help. More
Rahul verma
Rahul verma Apr 11 '13
hello everyone ,i don't know if everyone is facing this problem , but i really need to ask it.. i updated my installed oxwall verson 1.51 to 1.5.2 by automatic update. it succeed. then   it said o update cron  … More
Dime Apr 20 '13
Hello first off thank you for taking the time to review my issue. What's going on is after updating my website to the latest Installment of Oxwall 1.5.2 the login form and login page bricked. The login form has multiple entries for username As well as email.  … More
Shane Apr 22 '13
… .php(100): OW_BaseDao->findObjectByExample(Object(OW_Example))#4 /ow_plugins/questions/bol/service.php(501): QUESTIONS_BOL_FollowDao->findFollow(NULL, '19')#5 /ow_plugins/questions/classes/newsfeed_bridge.php(199): QUESTIONS_BOL_Service->isFollow(NULL, '19')#6 [internal function]: … More
Nihal Apr 24 '13
… (Object(OW_Example)) #4 /home/anokenco/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/user_service.php(309): BOL_UserDao->findByUseEmail(NULL) #5 /home/anokenco/public_html/ow_plugins/twconnect/controllers/connect.php(77): BOL_UserService->findByEmail(NULL) #6 [internal function]: … More
Stuart May 4 '13
… ################################ I am unsure why it navigates through to the install directory.Then it tries to change directory to what looks like a null stringShould it of gone back to root / ?Then it creates a directory with its full root string srv/www/myweb/ow_core/testBut it is already in the srv/ … More
Dave Hughes
Dave Hughes May 16 '13
Hi Oxwall dudes. I have recently upgraded my web site to 1.5.3 and Oxwall is more or less working perfectly for the first time since installing it. However, the only thing wrong is that the "Mailbox" and "Notifications" buttons are not showing on the user toolbar. … More
Trina Clark
Trina Clark Jun 20 '13
Everything was working fine. People could join. Now they can't. FYI: During the day, I made edits to the Settings->Language files. I wouldn't think that would have anything to do with the problem, but I thought I would mention it. Earlier, I attempted to disable Captcha, … More
Chris Jul 11 '13
I have noticed that If a user does not logout of their account they remain online. I have checked my CRON job and it seems to be working fine, notifications, messages etc are all being sent and received. On the oxwall site I am auto logged out after some time. Any ideas? More
pro Jul 17 '13
Contact Importer Plugin not sending email. When we send email then it shows that You have invited 1 members .Please tell me how can fix it. More
Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Jul 19 '13
Hi There, I have bought and installed plugins on my site, and set my cronjobs to run every hour and 24 hours but they work once then no more, one member said they dont get site notifications like when someone adds them as friends or comments. is there something wrong ? I dont use SMTP should i use that for site notifications ? More
Amber S /Liz M
Amber S /Liz M Aug 8 '13
For the life of me I cant figure out why we all of sudden are getting a user profile error, ever thing on the site works except when u go to views profile, even on the admin panel when you click user profile it gives a 500 error,Need help ASAP please and thank you More
Stephanie Sep 4 '13
So I've been trying to transfer my site, roleplaycentral.us to oxwall, roleplaycentral.org/oxwall But the import seems to not want to work, it's been sitting all day and apparently it shouldn't be taking that long. I believe my Cron and php.ini stuff should be correct. I followed this guide http://docs.wall.fm/manuals:transfer_manual More
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