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Is it Oxwall game over? | Forum

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JB TECH Jul 9 '18
The problem with your recommendations is the reason most people use Oxwall is due to the fact that it's free. Those softwares are all premium-based.
dave Leader
dave Jul 9 '18
The best alternative is to close your site and contact amazon to become a driver for them and run your own delivery company lol   At least you will be making money in about 5 years.
Rob Jul 10 '18
Only the basic software is free Jake, the plugins and the themes developed by external developers are not free.
In our eyes oxwall is a community website with a webshop for and by users.
Because the developers are also users.
So the ups and downs of Oxwall are more or less in the hands of the users, and yes unfortunately there are people there who ruin it for the other users to come back to the huge high spam content in the forum.
Perhaps it should be treated seriously with the whole.?
As far as the contact with Skalfa and/or Oxwall is concerned, why do we get an answer back we are not so special.?
We are only a very small company in the Netherlands who likes to use Oxwall software and then also buy the themes and plugins if necessary.
Unfortunately, that is apparently made impossible to us.

Skalfa clearly indicated through Linda Dotson that they want to continue with the Oxwall project.!

With regards,
Admiraliteit Imedia
OW-Ghost Jul 10 '18
lol....there is no Linda Dotson i can gurantee you that...if i wrong i will give you 100 USD in your paypal account and say sorry to skalfa...

Skalfa like to use girls name specially russian girl names they like very much and american girl names...

I told them stop doing that and use they real names but i guess they voted down that suggestion very quickly....if i honest i think they dreaming have a team with girl coders and programers join them and work near with them everyday.... thats why the girl names they use.....but i can bee wrong on that point...

Petre Marian
Petre Marian Jul 11 '18


I got the message that my licences is not longer valid for a lot of plugins and themes which I buy it...

I try to enter the licences number but is not working ......

What is going on?

dave Leader
dave Jul 11 '18
I replied to your other message, they should come back online.  Skadate and oxwall must be working on the store. Give it some time. 
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Jul 12 '18

It is necessary to go to https://developers.oxwall.com/store/granted-list/plugin and press RESET on each plugin and theme that you have purchased and installed.Everything works again.

David Jul 12 '18
This is bullshit.  We're at the mercy of the Oxwall devs who are nothing more than a bunch of game-playing children.  I'm sick and tired of them dicking around with every one of us. I've spent damned close to a thousand bucks in their stores and they DO have an obligation to us... if ONLY to be fair and responsible to their members and candid about where the project is headed.  You don't get to make profit through a store YOU created and then just leave people hanging like this.  Even if there's no law against it... it's a morally bankrupt and childish thing to do.  It hurts people... and it's not right.
Tatang Jul 12 '18
This actually not fixing the issue, since, the plugin having incorrect IP address of the server where the plugin installed after it is reset and activated. After awhile, when it checks for IP, the plugin will have invalid license again.

Any luck fixing this issue?

Quote from Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

It is necessary to go to https://developers.oxwall.com/store/granted-list/plugin and press RESET on each plugin and theme that you have purchased and installed.Everything works again.

Morena Milani
Morena Milani Jul 12 '18
I reset the plugins and the purchased themes I have activated 5 but exits u ip that is not mine of the server, in my opinion the problem is the store. Waiting to activate the others let's see if they solve as Dave said 
Morena Milani
Morena Milani Jul 17 '18
All of the plug-in and template licenses have been fixed as Oxwall communication was a server problem. 
Rob Jul 17 '18

Personally, we are happy to know that our communication with (according to some non-existent.?) Linda Dotson may not have been for nothing.!
Furthermore, we hope that the whole will come to rest again and SPAM and negativity free.!
But of course that new themes and plugins are being developed and that the support will be and remain optimal.
It would be a shame if Oxwall were to disappear is it not.?
We are happy in any case that we can continue to exploit our Oxwall websites.
Thanks for everyone who has worked for this.!

With regards,
Admiraliteit Imedia

OW-Ghost Jul 17 '18
if negativity free we can close down the software right now....bad feeback makes this software 1000 times better and they can transfer it to "Good feedback" if they are professional and i know they are proffesional and handle negative feedback to something good.

right now i see no reason give good feedback....i would like see some apoligaze from the Team and some new plugins and software and mobile apps plans.....A ROADMAP with dates and goals...then we can start make some good feedback

The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Jul 17 '18
JB TECH Jul 17 '18

There's a difference between leaving constructive feedback over shortcomings, and simply being nothing but negative. A good chunk of Oxwall's community ever since it started has, unfortunately, been toxic and negative people. I always believed a major issue in the growth and development of the Oxwall Software was the negative community. It's very hard to support and consistently push out a free to use and commercialize software where every update and every idea is met with hostility, hatred, and people demanding those writing the software "fix this, fix that," etc.

Mix the very mixed community of negative/toxic members, those who don't contribute even a thought, and spam, with little profits coming from Oxwall itself (not Skadate, but Oxwall as an entity) and it leads to a place where third-parties either stop caring for their plugins/themes or straight up leave forever, core developers and community leters become deterred and disappear, and the software stops updating.

Not to solely blame the community, as a lot of the toxicity and negativity came about due to a lot of misunderstandings and lack of quality control with the store.

I can't say much, but I believe Oxwall's future is still bright and great things are to come. I've been riding with this software since 2011/2012 and hope to see the day where it becomes perfected, large, and profitable for both plugins/theme developers, and Oxwallers alike.

Share a smile :)

dave Leader
dave Jul 17 '18
Jake - i agree!  People should really be willing to contribute rather than just complain all the time.  Its possible if users invested a bit more in Oxwall,  then Oxwall might invest more in them.   But this is nothing new with open source, there are those that just want everything on a silver platter and free, and it happens with all open source projects.   

My suggestion folks is to stay possitive, interject your wishes, try to learn what you can so that when you offer a suggestion you understand more about what that might look like.  Even possibly have the facts laid out and be able to paint a picture for others to follow. 

Practical suggestions and facts get much more attention than random wild complaints with little understanding.  

The Forum post is edited by Oxwall Germany Jul 18 '18
Sven Jul 18 '18
Thx Jake for your comments.

So can you please give us something of information on future progress? as the last update is from 2016 now?

Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Jul 18 '18
Guys, please don't offend each other. I edited your posts and removed the insults. Please respect each other's opinion and talk about facts.
JB TECH Jul 18 '18

Quote from Oxwall Germany Guys, please don't offend each other. I edited your posts and removed the insults. Please respect each other's opinion and talk about facts.

Exactly what I'm trying to promote. I completely understand a lot of the anger some people of Oxwall have towards the software. In certain scenarios it has shortcomings, and things like a lack of mobile app progression can be irritating. However, people usually complain about something they're passionate about together. Conversely, the same people should find solutions together. Nothing gets done with yelling and heated arguments. Only when opposition shares calm and open minds on an issue can things come to a compromise and change.

Brash and negative communities are typically found circling free things, and Oxwall is no exception. I know from personally being the kind of person who came here with the only word in my mind being "free" and expecting so much from people who actually contribute.


The Oxwall Software account posted about the license issues, which to me personally is a great move that this software is indeed not dying. I feel like now is the best time for showing our support as a community.

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