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Is it Oxwall game over? | Forum

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AppXprt Sep 22 '18
OxPWA has been submitted to the plugin store at $200 and is waiting for verification. Provides Full PWA functionality, Advanced Dynamic Client Side Caching, Push Notifications for New Messages, Quicker Loading Times and Reduces Load on Server providing a smoother and more stable experience. Updates and Support will be regular as well as initial installation assistance, although it is unlikely to be needed in most cases as it is highly stable. Will be pushing out Advanced for $150 tomorrow after updates are pushed to it and the plugins already in the store.

New features and updates are already planned including further notification support, ability to edit existing URL Blacklist / Network only list, Specifying Static Cache Objects, Debug options and Developer hooks.
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AppXprt Sep 22 '18
For now I left the console messages and the javascript unminified so customers can test and see all the caching glory in action. I'll remove the messages and minify the JS in an update this next week providing even better performance, while leaving a debugging version available as an option.
AppXprt Sep 23 '18
I now haz da fastest oxwall in entire worldz

LoL No I have NO IDEA what I'm doing....

ViXiV Technologies

ViXiV: Inspire

ViXiV: Social

ViXiV: Taste Dating

ViXiV Technologies GitHub

ViXiV Technologies Play Store

ViXiV Technologies Plugins

Oh and Hidden Game & App Infrastructure over at:

ViXiV Apps

Plus countless unreleased projects, code, 3D and VR.

Lots of Code Coming!

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OW-Ghost Sep 23 '18


will there bee a complete oxwall mobile solution in the store coming?

PWA + Playstore + Apple store ?

AppXprt Sep 23 '18
Yes.. I would like to correct my mistake and say that I was entirely wrong about PWA's and the app stores. The PWA can be submitted to the App Stores and I will be releasing a Hybrid App plugin also. Getting into the App stores costs money though and there are certain steps that cannot be completed by a plugin. I should say they are eligible for inclusion in the app store, but it is up to you to submit it. I can help with getting into the Play Store and the Microsoft Store, but cant help with Apple.

I will support you in and during the process, but certain steps are left up to the user. Thanks for the questions and involvement OW-Ghost!

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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 23 '18
Time that some developers of Oxwall and plugins stop being so nonchalant above users and become more informative!
AppXprt Sep 23 '18
Ketil Ervik, I think you believe the PWA plugins are for Mobile Only, but quite the contrary. So you decided to have your Oxwall site Desktop / Laptop Only... That is absolutely fine, the PWA plugins work almost exactly the same for Desktop and Laptop. The Pro plugin will allow your Desktop and Laptop users to install an App Icon to their Desktop so they can open it with a simple click of this Desktop Shortcut. It also provides a smoother, quicker and more stable experience for your users while taking some of the load off of the server. The idea is that images, scripts and style links can all be stored in the users browser for quicker load times and to provide a more reliable and stable load each and every time. This inadvertently takes some of the load off of the server, as literally some of the files (images, scripts, styles) are served from the users browser cache instead of from the server every time a user refreshes or loads a new page. 

The reason mine is so advanced is because it dynamically collects these elements on every page refresh for keeping up with server cached versions of these files and new scripts that may be included in each page.

I really tried to think of everything when dealing with the cache and is where most of the time and money comes into play.

It also provides Notifications when a user gets a new message, even for Desktop and Laptop Users!


Hope this clarifies things for you and a little bit about why this is so expensive.

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AppXprt Sep 23 '18




AppXprt Sep 24 '18


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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Sep 24 '18
I do not think anything about the PWA plugins, because I think they are too expensive to have any thoughts about them. Do not buy plug-ins that cost over 20 dollars simply. but good luck on on.
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AppXprt Sep 24 '18
No problem, I may be reducing the lite version to $25 that provides your users with a basic App Installer to install your site icon to your users Desktop for easy clicking.
Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Sep 24 '18
Guys, we are closing this topic right now. Please continue your discussion about plugins in the corresponding forums. Thank you.
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