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Is it Oxwall game over? | Forum

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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Feb 11 '18

I have seen their facebook page, twitter and g +, as well as in this forum. But they have not posted anything since August 2016. Now we are February 2018. A wise person understands that this probably means Oxwall game over. I urge anyone who is still going to use Oxwall and plugins and download everything and make copies for the future. Because I suspect that the possibility for this later may be too late! As nobody gets any response from them and that some big plugin developers have left the ship, one should not take any chances.

I urge those who have the opportunity to look at how it might be possible for others to further develop Oxwall, if the owners do not return!

Jozko Feb 12 '18
Check whois https://www.whois.com/whois/oxwall.org

The domain expire in year 2020.

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Feb 12 '18
Here's something interesting. This is a listed address from one of the Oxwall links.  This company also offers virtual offices that give you an address, but you can use any of there international locations. Basically you can have a US address, and not even be here.

This is suppose to be the address.
5 Centerpointe Drive, Suite 400, Lake Oswego, Oregon, 97035

dave Leader
dave Feb 13 '18
Ketil im still here i have not left yet.. :)

By the way folks your not going to find them, i have already tried and my searchs came up empty.  You might think you are on the trail but its a dead end, sadly....   I hope you prove me wrong i would love to know whats happening as well. 

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Feb 13 '18
You're right about that Dave. Apparently that is the way the structure was designed.
Morena Milani
Morena Milani Feb 14 '18
If they were professional people they could give answers for web masters and developers who use their platform. so we realize what to do for the future. 
Lucas Feb 15 '18





dave Leader
dave Feb 15 '18
Lucas, start a new support topic and put the link here, ill see if i can help you  :)
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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Feb 15 '18
I have givit upp, bye bye
Lucas Feb 16 '18
Hi Dave,

hereby, you find the link


JB TECH Feb 16 '18
It seems Oxwall has truly dropped off all support. I know some claim to say they're working on it, but just behind the scenes. It doesn't matter if you're making the next best iteration, nearly 3 years with no updates or any words for the community isn't how you operate something of this scale. The github still sees a commit once in a while from known Oxwall developers, but those are months (if not years) old and one or two community volunteers.

It's a real shame there's no drive already from our community leaders to take the software and make it their own, to develop on it themselves.

It really feels like we were used to help them refine a product they could sell as "Skadate" and then left in the dark when we helped get it to a nice working point. I'm sure they've only kept this website up in order for them to profit off of the oxwall.com thing, and for skadate customers to find more plugins.

Oh well, it was a good run. Being here since 2011, it's kind of a shame to see the entire community and script become what it has.
OW-Ghost Feb 17 '18
They from oxwall Team who still run oxwall is still based in kyrgyzstan no other places. And they who left oxwall platform SOME are stay in neighbour countrys that talk russian and working in some companys that need programmers. It safe and smart to stay in such countrys and as i said many times this guys is very smart guys no doubt both when it comes to programming and stay in a safe place and country. And if you born in a country maybe you not really want leave that country to....at least i see they like seach work in countrys that talk russia they who left oxwall
i think it is not easy run a business like this , alot of hard work and many people involved creates internaly fights and people leaving and hard get new skilled programmers all the time specially if you want only guys from kyrgyztan or russian speaking guys like i see they want only and you maybe can not offer them a high salary. i never for example see a american man in this TEAM on they TEAM page or a man or girl from Sweden. and this smart programmers need to live on some salary to. and there is not much money to bring in here only on selling plugins and i think they get not very rich on selling plugins and update the core for free. but i can bee wrong
i think they who left oxwall did not do it because they not like oxwall they did do it because there was not much money to get here and better work in some bigger company that pay a much higher salary. as a skilled programmer i think you are very free to pick companys to work with around the world
after all this speaking i still hope they manage to keep oxwall running but i know it is not easy and i feel it looks very dark for the future right now because the development is long way after they competioners that they need to fix first and after that take the lead for the best social media platform and dating software and best support on internet, because i hope that is they goals ??? if no goals left the platform will not survive ....
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dave Leader
dave Feb 17 '18
There are plenty or open source organizations that would love to take this over and make it great, even better than it ever was before.  However to do that Oxwall owner (whoever that is) needs to release the license and hand it over to someone else rather than let it die.   If Oxwall cant and wont keep up with the script, they need to hand it off to someone else out of respect for the users.  But since i have never heard anything since they left, maybe they dont respect any of us at all.  

This script cant be set up just like WP and other open source projects with the exception that the plugins cost money. 

I hope they do the right thing and hand it off to someone else that is eager and willing to make it great, if oxwall does not return.

Also when i say make it great i mean the store, the script, the forum, the plugin approval process, everything. 

However i was just thinking this morning, at least the Oxwall site is still up and running.  What would we do if they just pulled the plug on everything.  So at least we have that much which is a positive. 

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dave Leader
dave Feb 18 '18
That is good info Chris :)   Its been awhile since i checked that but i believe they used to have the privacy option on the domain. So someone took that off at some point.   Also it looks like they may be doing 1 year renewals since it was last updated 2016.  And they must have switched hosts in 2015 for it to show that creation date. 

I have never heard of Alex James,  unless that is Skalfa.  

There is good and bad here... 

The bad news is if they dont extend the registration and it goes black then alot of sites will be hurt. The good news is that it might also open the door for someone to take it over under a new license.  

OW-Ghost Feb 18 '18
one thing i feel strange is that it is not many developers at oxwall that care 0% if this platform get closed ? i mean they put alot of effort create plugins for sell here are they not interested at all what happens with they work ??? 

i see only David and Darryl care but it must bee much more developers here that have a opinion ???

hmm strange, but you can not force people talk.......

or they maybe did not care to look this forum anymore

The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Feb 18 '18
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Feb 19 '18
Odd. Wasn't one of the profiles trying to sell illegal plugins going under the name of Alex? Maybe coincidence; maybe not.
dave Leader
dave Feb 20 '18
Howdy Brian, im actually further east now, im living in Texas now :) 
ArtMedia Feb 20 '18
i checking forum before, but now when almost all messages is SPAM i stopped reading forum, because this dont make sens.

I tried help develop oxwall on github, but nobody pull my request, i tried write to ross to know how help develop oxwall, i dont have any response.

I have many plugin ideas, but i dont spend time do develop it, when main platform is essentially dead.
dave Leader
dave Feb 20 '18
Does anyone know if they are even approving new plugins or not? Or is that dead too?  It would be nice to know before i spend any time doing anything new this summer.
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Feb 20 '18
I've seen plugins going into the store during all of the silence, and OW Visuals just released a new theme, so my guess is that someone is doing something.
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